News of the World

The phone hacking scandal emanating from the News of the World really is incredible. There are so many angles to the story that I can’t really grasp it all yet.

To me though, one thing stands out. It’s the time, in 2003, when Rebekah Brooks gave evidence to the Commons Select Committee. She admitted the paper paid police for information. That’s illegal. That’s corrupt. And what’s more – no one called her out on it (as far as I understand).

The police didn’t follow it up. MPs didn’t follow it up (or obviously not vigorously enough). And she felt confident enough to say it on camera in the Commons.

At least someone is paying for this, if not the right people. I feel sorry for the decent reporters on the paper looking at losing their jobs. But after Iraq, and the financial crisis, in which no senior people have lost their jobs, I think there might be a mood for revenge amongst ordinary people. I hope so!

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